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Phantasmagorical Experiences
For The Adventurous & Curious


"Supernatural. Inexplicable.

Tantalizing from start to finish!"

Amanda L

Bespoke soirées of theatrical séance, haunted artifacts, fortune telling and the occult for the adventurous and curious.  Strange magic?  Indeed.

From esoteric to enchanting to unnerving; evenings with Smith are adults-only immersive paranormal experiences of story and mystery. Alluring, spooky and imbued with dark humor.


Smith is a Magician member of the Academy of Magical Arts at the Magic Castle.


He provides exclusive and discreet in-home Séance experiences for an A-list clientele.


Twilight Disturbances is his monthly residency and paranormal soirée at The Crooked Path.  



The allure of the Victorian séance as a contemporary experience


"An evening with Smith is truly unlike any other. You’ll be fully questioning reality and also have a hell of a lot fun!"

Brett H

"My experience with Smith, while wildly entertaining definitely left me thinking about spirit world possibilities. I slept with the with the light on that night."

Lisa B

"By far my favorite tarot reading

I've ever received."

Tracy S

An exhilarating return to a time where people were curious, and what lay beyond the veil was provocative and perhaps a little dangerous

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"A night with Smith isn’t a magic show…it’s an otherworldly experience."

Priya A

"Our guests were thrilled and thoroughly entertained.  We had so much fun!"

Almara F


Upcoming Events

  • Society Of The Séance
    Society Of The Séance
    Coming Soon
    The Crooked Path
    Coming Soon
    The Crooked Path
    Coming Soon
    The Crooked Path
    Invoke the spirits of secret social gatherings and paranormal exploration. Join the mailing list for dates and priority attendance.

Frequently Asked Questions
about hosting a theatrical séance

Immersive, Bespoke, Magical Experiences; Soirée and Private Venue



Come for the card tricks....

Stay for the demon summoning 



Engaging and eclectic

revelations for the curious



Uninvited guests and adventures with Paranormal entertainment


"Smith went beyond our expectations and worked closely with us to design a truly bespoke and immersive evening in our home. It really left a lasting impression on everyone. Weeks later, we're still hearing from our friends about how much fun they had and we're now thinking of making this an annual event!"- Verdell W.

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